Alice and Beatrice, two friends, both female employees in a shopping center, going through a crucial time in their lives: one is about to give birth to a son, and to enter into motherhood, the other to get married and is looking for a new job. Their stories resemble those of many of their peers, who cultivate their dreams through the difficulties and hopes of an uncertain future, closely related to changes occurring and to the complicated historical moment.

In the world of commerce the 24/7 business model was firmly established following the liberalization of opening hours of shops, introduced by “Save Italy Decree ” law.
The new labor contracts no longer provide the distinction between working days and holidays, and by altering the balance between life and work, require a more and more frantic pace of work.
The majority of employees in retail are women with an average age of 35 years of age. Many of them are also mothers who support the weight of the family and the domestic economy, in a country where welfare spending decreases year after year.
The documentary VITE AL CENTRO arises from the need to show the transformation of the familiar world starting from a reflection on the work of women in shopping centers, a constant presence in the urban periphery (in Brescia as well as all over Italy) and resource employment for young jobseekers in a time of great crisis.
In what way are life plans and personal dreams thwarted and put at risk in a time of economic crisis and social fragility?
The film is the final version of the project “Stories of orders in the era of shopping centers” that crossed Italy with 20 public screenings, and is the result of a shared and open project of reflection, representation and collective narrative.